Welcome to the new improved version of Krishna Marriage, the online private matchmaking service for devotees of Krishna

What's new?

Custom-built search filters for quicker matchmaking
Professional customer relationship management system for enhanced customer care

To finance the upgraded technology and ongoing development, a one-off admin fee of £25 (GBP) is payable on registration
(Some matchmakers may later charge an additional fee for their services, but this will amount to no more than £30 per 6 months or £50 per year)

Please note that you will need to provide names and valid email addresses of two senior devotees for references, so make sure you have these ready before you begin to register

Matchmakers are currently available for the following areas: UK, Ireland, North America, Europe, Ukraine, Russia, Middle East, Maharashtra, Africa.

If you live outside of these areas, please contact [email protected] before signing up, so that you can be placed on the waitlist and informed when there is a matchmaker available for your area.