Frequently Asked Questions


I have signed up. What happens next?

Your two referees will be contacted and asked to vouch for you. When both references have been received and verified, a matchmaker will be selected for you, according to your location. Once you have been accepted by a matchmaker, you will receive their contact details.


After signing up, how long do I have to wait before the matchmaking process begins?

This depends on how long it takes for references to be received and verified. It may take a few days. Sometimes it can take a few weeks.


What's the difference between krishnamarriage.com and other devotee marriage websites?

Krishnamarriage.com is a private matchmaking service. Profiles are not displayed on the website and clients cannot contact each other until they have been introduced by a matchmaker. This system has been developed to cater for devotees who want to have their privacy protected and to get support from a matchmaker. Another difference is that we require two verified references for every applicant to ensure the integrity of our clients.


What's new about the new krishnamarriage.com?

Matchmaking is now quicker, easier, and more efficient with the new search filters that have been developed. This means that all matches will be selected according to your stated preferences, and no potential matches will be missed. Additionally, with the new customer relationship management system, all activities will be logged on your account, so that admin and matchmakers will be able to serve you better by having access to view your status and the history of activities on your account.


Why do we have to pay a registration fee?

The registration fees are needed to pay for new upgrades as well as future developments that we are planning, to continue to improve our service to you.


Can we pay in any currency?

Our payment provider accepts most international currencies.


Do you accept both debit and credit cards?



Why do some matchmakers charge an additional fee?

Matchmakers are not paid by www.krishnamarriage.com and so they are allowed to charge a separate fee for their services. This fee will not be paid through the website but will be a private transaction between you and your matchmaker.


How do I log in to my account?

You cannot log in to your account currently. The 'login' button is only for admin and matchmakers. The next phase of our development will include a facility for clients to log in to their accounts and update their details.


How do I update my details currently?

You can send your updates to [email protected] and admin will update your details on the database


How do I delete my account?

You can send your request to [email protected] and your account will be deleted


Can I choose my own matchmaker?

Matchmakers are usually assigned to clients according to geographical location for practical purposes. If you would like to choose your matchmaker yourself because you already have a relationship with that person, you can submit your request to [email protected] and we will try to arrange it


Is it possible to receive multiple profiles at the same time, rather than receiving them one by one?

Yes, this can be possible. You can request your matchmaker to share profiles of all potential matches for you to choose from.


Do matchmakers provide astrological matching?

Some matchmakers may use free online astrological software to check some basic aspects of compatibility. Even if your matchmaker does not do this, you can easily do it yourself if you wish to, after receiving a profile. If you want more a more comprehensive personal compatibility reading, you will need to consult a professional astrologer. Or if you prefer to leave out the astrology, that is fine. You can simply depend on Krishna and pray for guidance.


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