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Important! Before signing up, you need to first check Areas of service to make sure that there is a matchmaker available for your area.

If your location is included in the list, you can go ahead and sign up. If it is not, please contact us and give your name and location, to be waitlisted until a matchmaker is available for you.

Also, before signing up, please make sure you have the following to hand:

1. A recent clear close-up photo of yourself.

2. Names and valid email addresses of one to two senior devotees who know you and would be willing to answer a brief and simple questionnaire to vouch for you. (NB. References are processed by us personally. If you enter wrong email addresses, your application will not be processed.)

3. A credit card or debit card to pay £25(GBP), (or equivalent in any other currency), for the registration fee.

You will not be able to complete your registration without all these three.

Please note that matchmakers may also charge a small fee for their services or accept donations. 

For further information, see FAQ

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