Success Stories

“When I joined the Krishna Marriage project, the matchmaker who I contacted was very helpful, understanding and personal. The matchmakers at Krishna Marriage tried their best to fulfil my needs and were very approachable. The following year I was introduced to my husband. We found each other an ideal match and got married. We have been blessed with a son who is now 1 year old. We are both very grateful to the matchmakers at Krishna Marriage for our union. Thank you very much for everything!” Hema & Anish (UK)

“We would like to thank Jagannathesvari mataji for introducing us to each other. We live and serve together at the Scottish temple. We feel blessed to raise a Krishna conscious family. We are just celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary and our wonderful daughter Palika will have her 3rd birthday soon.” Guru Bhakti Devi Dasi & Saranga Thakur Das (UK)

“We recommend Krishna Marriage to everyone as it is really a good opportunity to meet a perfect match, as it was in our case. Thanks to the dedicated work of Aradhana mataji, her mother, and her husband, we got a chance to know each other just in a few weeks after registration at this website. We have never been thinking before that it is really possible to get married in such a way. That is why we pay deep respect and appreciation for the great work which Krishna Marriage is doing for all devotees around the world!” Nirav (Germany) and Anuradha Devi Dasi (Ukraine)

“Dear Jagannathesvari and Visvambara, your discreet and confidential service has enabled us (as older persons) to meet. We are both very grateful. Without your help we would both be alone and hankering for the companionship of a like-minded devotee, with whom we could share our journey in Krishna Consciousness. Please find attached a photo of us taken in India about 9 months after we met.” Jaya Laksman Das & Dhira-lalita Devi Dasi (UK)

“Right from the start I was impressed by the depth and detail with which Mother Jagannathesvari questioned me about who I am and what kind of man I am looking for. It really showed me that this wasn't just a checkbox for her, but that she took it as seriously as I did. It took a year (and five days) for her to find someone compatible, which to me meant that she had to have me in the back of her mind all that time! In the end my husband and I met through a mix of Krishna Marriage and (both of us had Mother Jagannathesvari as our matchmaker). I feel this is an extremely valuable service, because people who are seriously looking for a spouse can take shelter in the wisdom of those who have walked the road of married life.” Kamala-sita Devi Dasi (South Africa) & Godruma Das (Germany)

“We were introduced to each other by Jagannatheshvari Mataji in May 2018 and we got married one year after that. The whole process of introduction went really smoothly. We were offered professional assistance, including personal meetings. That made us feel confident about being 'in good hands'. We highly recommend Krishna Marriage portal to everyone looking for a spouse.” Amrita Vilasini Devi Dasi & Ram Lakshman Das (UK)

“I wasn't a big fan of the internet and didn't really believe that relationships could be built online. However, being encouraged by multiple devotees as well as my spiritual master, I contacted HG Jagannathesvari mataji and created a profile on Some time went by and then it happened... I met my other half. Originally from Mauritius and living in the UK, I met my wife Gopa Vallabhi Dd who is from Ukraine. How else could such an arrangement happen if not for Krishna Marriage? My wife is now a matchmaker with and decided to help devotees who are in the same situation she was in. We are really happy we met each other and eternally grateful to the whole team at who are doing a great service and facilitating everything for those who want to join the grihasta ashram.” Vrajendra Nandana Das (UK) & Gopa Vallabhi Devi Dasi (Ukraine)